Re: SETI Accident in the Pic de Bure

Dr. H. Paul Shuch (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 09:38:29 -0400

At 02:31 PM 7/1/99 +0200, Elisabeth Piotelat wrote: > >This morning there have been an accident on the "Pic-De-Bure", a french radio-astronomy observatory. Here is a (very rough -- automated) translation: Drama in Hautes-Alpes: an accident of cable car makes 20 victims 01 juil. 99. The accident occurred towards 7H30 this morning in the ski resort of Saint-Etienne in Dévoluy, on the cable car known as of Peak-of-Bure.La telpher carrier served the observatory of the same name located at 2.700 m of altitude and made a fall of 80 meters after having taken down itself. Twenty bodies were extracted from the cabin. Uncertainty planes on the presence of a 21e victim in the cabin. With the exception of four employees of France Telecom Marseilles, the victims are people of the country which went to the observatory to work there. The accident occurred not far from the arrival of the cable car. The cable yielded for a still unknown reason. About thirty first-aid workers are already on the spot. The red plan was started. It is the most serious accident of cable car arrived to France. The commune of Saint-Etienne is in mourning. -------------------------------- H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D., CFII, FBIS Executive Director, The SETI League, Inc. 433 Liberty Street, PO Box 555 Little Ferry NJ 07643 USA voice (201) 641-1770; fax (201) 641-1771 Project Argus station FN11LH "We Know We're Not Alone!"

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